Edy’s Outshine Fruit Bars: Thumbs Down

strawberryoutshineFrom a caloric perspective, Edy’s Outshine Fuit Bars are a pretty good choice.  All of their fruit bars are only 70 calories each.  From a dietary fat perspective, Edy’s Outshine Fruit Bars are still a pretty good choice.  There’s no dietary fat in any of the bars.  From a taste perspective, it’s another win for Outshine.  304,288 people “like” the product on Facebook.   The marketing message is happy and light.  “Fly higher, laugh louder, snack brighter.”  Product packaging draws your attention to the “simple, honest ingedients,” which feature either real fruit or fruit concentrate.

Sounds good, and it would be good except for the fact that the product doesn’t work for a sugar-free eating strategy.   If you check the ingredients list, you’ll see that sugar is the second food ingredient for all the fruit bars.  This means that sugar dominates the recipe, and it’s enough of a reason to make a no purchase decision.  The high sugar content is reinforced by the Nutrition Facts label that indicates there are 17 grams of sugar in each bar.  That’s about 14 grams of sugar too much.

Outshine Fruit Bars were formerly called Edy’s Fruit Bars.  Edy’s is part of a huge food conglomerate a/k/a Dreyers, a/k/a Nestle.  There are 10 fruitbars in the product family:  blueberry, cranberry, grape, lemon, lime, mango, pineapple, pomegranite, strawberry and tangerine.  Unfortunately, they don’t offer a sugar-free product.

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