Sugar-Free Berry Ice Cream – Video Recipe

Video: Sugar-Free Berry Ice Cream by Karen Bentley

Karen Bentley’s easy sugar-free berry ice cream recipe that you make in less than 5 minutes in your food processor. Find more delicious sugar-free recipes, and information at

Servings: 2
1 cup frozen mixed berries
1 cup ice cubes
½ cup sucralose (Splenda)
1 teaspoon sugar-free vanilla
½ cup light cream
Garnish (optional)
Fresh berries
Fresh mint leaves

Put frozen berries, ice, and Splenda into a food processor. Note
that it’s important to use a food processor rather than a blender because
a blender will produce a more liquid smoothie than the desired ice cream
texture. Process for 1–2 minutes until the mixture is granularized. Add
the light cream and vanilla. Process for an additional 30 seconds until
the mixture is the consistency of ice cream. Put mixture into two individual
serving bowls. Garnish with optional fresh berries and/or mint leaves. Serve
andeat immediately.

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